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  1. I know this website is about Gift Memberships but I just wanted to pass on this rather lovely offer from Virgin Experience Days who list a lot of gift experiences. 

    And they are offering 15% off full price experiences between 30 July 2018 and 5 August 2018 if you use the code G1E23JN.

    Among them there are plenty of gifts if you’re looking to surprise a history lover or someone who loves to visit gardens, or enjoys a day out.

    Gift experiences for motor enthusiasts

    Some of the history gift experience ideas for history lovers include

    • A Tour of Bodmin Jail in Cornwall
    • A tour of a historic prison – there are 3 locations to choose from (Somerset, Shropshire and Gloucestershire)
    • A visit to Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire, Britain’s top secret code breaking HQ during the Second World War
    • A visit to the Churchill War Rooms beneath the streets of London’s Westminster where 115 Cabinet meetings were held during the testing times of war in this wartime bunker
    • A Morgan Motor Company Factory Tour and Afternoon Tea for Two in Worcestershire
    • Visit to Donington Grand Prix Collection for Two Adults in Derbyshire
    • A Visit to Warwick Castle where you can experience over 1,100 years of jaw-dropping history in Warwickshire
    • Visit to The Historic Dockyard Chatham in Kent with Cream Tea for Two where you can explore over 400 years of British Naval history through exhibitions and restored warships
    • A Jack the Ripper Walking Tour in the east of London where you’ll learn about the crimes, victims and theories
    • There’s an Edinburgh History of Whisky Tour
    • Visit to The National Motorcycle Museum for Two Adults
    • Visit to Household Cavalry Museum in London which could be just the thing for Horse lovers
    • Lots of falcony experiences so that you can discover all about this time honoured tradition

    What is the inside of a prison like?

    There are also English Heritage memberships you can buy for history nuts in your family too.

    Oh and don’t forget their steam train experiences to take you back in time.

    There are also vintage flights, including a 30 minute Tiger Moth Flight & Duxford Museum Entry, De Havilland Rapide Flight over London and Spitfire experiences.

    So why am I telling you this now? 

    Because the lovely people at Virgin Experience Days are giving 15% off Full Price Experiences (so not valid on special offers etc) from 30 July 2018 to 5 August 2018.  Use the code  G1E23JN

    Terms and conditions: Now this code cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and it doesn’t apply either to excluded products which can be found here

    Click here to go to Virgin Experience Days

  2. Do you know of someone who loves seahorses and the sea?

    If so, you could give them a membership to the Seahorse Trust or adopt a seahorse for them to help the Seahorse Trust. 

    Based in Devon, this UK registered charity that was set up as 1999.  It was established as an umbrella organisation to preserve and conserve, especially the marine environment.  It works with many organisations worldwide, and Seahorses are the flagship species of the Trust.

    Seahorses occupy the coastal areas - and sadly it is these areas which are greatly under threat, as they are vulnerable to human and natural interference.  Boating activities for instance can damage the sea grasses on which seahorses depend.   

    There's just been a key decision for seahorses in Studland Bay where the UK government has thankfully overlooked the objections of boating people and made imposed anchoring restrictions on boast in the area;  the anchors can destroy the seagrass.  This ban will give the seahorses there a chance to recover.

    You can join the Seahorse Trust for £25 a year.  You could also Adopt a Seahorse as a gift for just £4 a month. 

    Find out more about joining the Seahorse Trust and adopting a seahorse here


  3. This site is about gift memberships, mostly with a conservation angle.   

    Conservation comes in a wide variety of opportunities from conservation of species to memories, wildlife habitat to historical buildings. 

    So here's a gift with a bit of history which would be quite an experience for anyone with an interest in flying - the opportunity to have a VIP Spitfire Tour at Biggin Hill and - if you add the option - the chance to Sit in a Spitfire!

    Just do the tour, and you can have a guided tour of this very special aircraft hanger and meet the restoration team and ask questions.  Get close up to amazing aircraft - Spitfires and Hurricanes.

    Give them a VIP Spitfire Tour at Biggin Hill in Kent

    Add the option upgrade to Sit in a Spitfire of a fully functioning and airworthy Mk9 Spitfire!

    Give your loved on the chance to Sit in a Spitfire at Bigging Hill in Kent
    Give your loved on the chance to Sit in a Spitfire at Bigging Hill in Kent 

    The upgrade is on offer at the moment with gift experience company Into the Blue - it's only £59 instead of £69.

    Into the Blue have a range of Spitfire experiences with budgets of all sorts of ranges from £39 upwards - there are Spitfire simulators, Spitfire Tours, Fly with a Spitfire, and a lot more.  


  4. The 28th April 2018 is Save the Frogs Day, now in its 10th year.

    Save The Frogs Day aims to provide frog enthusiasts with educational materials, ideas and inspiration to enable them to educate local communities about amphibians.  

    So this is a great opportunity to tell you about two memberships you could give a nature lover or frog, toad or snake lover - hop to it!


    Froglife has been working to conserve native amphibians and reptiles since 1989.  It has initiated national and regional projects and been a central voice for advice on issues on reptile and amphibian conservation.  Froglife's work covers three areas:

    1. On the ground conservation
    2. Environmental education
    3. Communication – that is, providing advice and information

    Froglife FriendsGive a Froglife Friendship

    Give a Froglife Friendship and your gift will contribute to the conservation of the UK’s amphibians and reptiles, and your loved one will receive a special pack with:

    • Natterchat – the charity’s bi-annual magazine with news and features on everything going on in the world of amphibian and reptile conservation in the UK
    • Just Add Water” which is all about creating and maintaining a wildlife ponid
    • Friends can receive discounts on tickets to Froglife events and merchandise.

    A single and joint friendship is available and prices start at £18 for a year.

    Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust

    Give ARC a voice to the UK’s amphibians and reptiles, enabling the charity to improve habitats and save species.

    ARC works on conservation, education, influencing policy and legislation, conservation activities underpinned by scientific research and it runs projects and campaigns.

    Give an ARC Friendship as a gift, and for as little as £2 per month you will receive:-

    • Friends welcome pack with a selection of colourful leaflets and posters, Amphibian and Reptile ID guides, an ARC pen, ARC pencil and one of their lovely enamel ARC newt logo pin badges!
    • HopGossip! – their colourful bi-annual magazine full of new, features and information about the world of amphibian and reptile conservation. See our latest issue.
    • Exclusive invites and discounts to Amphibian and Reptile Conservation events.   Find out about the ARC Friends Days!

    Become a Friend of the Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust
    Become a Friend of the Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust

    If you’d like to purchase an ARC Friendship as a gift, please  e-mail 


    Protect a Toad, Fight for Frogs, Sponsor a Snake

    Froglife also have virtual gifts such as Protect a Toad, Fight for Frogs, Sponsor a Snake.  These are all £10 and will help with conservation work to protect these animals.

    Fight for Frogs - a £10 gift for nature lovers from Froglife
    Fight for Frogs - a £10 gift for nature lovers from Froglife

    Sponsor a Sand Lizard, Sponsor a Pool Frog, Sponsor a Smooth Snake

    And similarly you can sponsor any of these animals with ARC and the sponsorship is part of various campaigns with targets to reach so your gift can be part of a specific project.

    Sponsor a sand lizard
    Sponsor a sand lizard
    with the Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust

    Amphibians and reptiles need all the help they can get because they are vital to biodiversity and a healthy planet so give your support and the nature lover in your life a really meaningful gift and help their cause.