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  1. This is an interesting gift for bakers who would love to do more baking but are very short on time.  If I Knew You Were Coming has subscription boxes you can treat the cake lover in your life to.  

    Give them a Baking Subscription

    Depending on the length of subscription (three months or six months through Activity Superstore), the recipient will receive 2 gorgeous recipes to make at home.   The deliveries include all the dry ingredients they need to create two bakes, so all they should need are a few fresh bits such as butter, oil, mlk and eggs.  

    What's more, the dry ingredients arrive pre-weighed, so a) there's no waste and b) cupboards don't get bunged up with half packets of  stuff.  meaning theAnd each pack comes with a foil backed baking parchment sheet, which is pre-folded to make your own one use baking tray.


    The recipes will vary from the delicious list below:

    - Coconut and white chocolate cookies
    - Strawberries and cream muffins
    - Chocolate and caramel muffins
    - White chocolate and cranberry cookies
    - Classic chocolate brownies
    - Caramel brownies
    - White chocolate blondies
    - Chocolate chip and orange cookies
    - Apple and sultana muffins
    - Almond and poppy seed muffins
    - Lemon drizzle muffins
    - Oaty biscuits

    All sounds delicious to me....  Click here to tuck into more information from Activity Superstore

    Of course, you could also buy a baking book from Amazon  for them. 



  2. Introducing Trees for Life:


    The Caledonian Forest is a really important forest ecosystem.  It provides homes for wildlife but it's very fragmeted and consists entirely of old trees in some places.  So Trees for Life is working to expand and link these pinewoods.  It uses three strategies:

    • Natural Regeneration
    • Planting native trees
    • Removing non-native trees

    Trees for Life's mission is to restore the Caledonian Forest and its species of flora and fauna.   It enagages volunteers to do this, and so aims to provide an educational experience that will promote the work of restoration to wider audiences.  It hopes that this will inspire other projects around the world.

    The Caledonian Forest once covered a large part of the Scottish Highlands but deforestation has taken place over many years as trees were cut for fuel and timber and to convert land for agriculture. 

    Their membership scheme plays a key role in helping to save the wild Caledonian Forest and the wildlife there.  Regular membership donations enable the charity to plan ahead.  You can join for as little as £3 a month, but the more you give, the more you'll help the forest!  There are a number of different membership schemes to choose from.  

    Give a membership and help the beautiful Caledonian Forest in Scotland

    Click here to go to Trees for Life to find out more.