Give a gift membership


Gift memberships make great gifts.  A gift membership can be a gift of discovery, a gift of knowledge, a gift of opportunity. It gives people the chance to indulge for however long & often they choose - or the chance to do some good and make a difference.  It gives them the opportunity to escape from the routine of every day life and to immerse themselves in something that interests and intrigues them.  

The idea behind this site is to pull gift membership ideas together to help you find the right gift membership for your loved one.  We're adding gift membership ideas and specific memberships all the time so please come back soon :-)

For history lovers, how about a gift membership to English Heritage?

Give your loved ones the chance to immerse themselves into the past and visit historical places!  English Heritage have 15% off their new gift and annual memberships.  Find out more

For Culture Lovers....

What about a subscription to the Times Literary Supplement?
What about a subscription to the Times Literary Supplement?

For garden lovers...

Perfect for garden lovers, the RHS Gift Membership!  

Support Nature Conservation with a gift membership

Many charities have membership schemes and so your gift is bound to be a win-win, supporting nature conservation whilst you give your loved one a meaningful gift

 Gift memberhips can be a great way to sort out your gift problems

Why gift memberships can make present buying much easier.  More... 

 Support a charity with your gift membership

Gift memberships can also support charities, since many charities rely on membership subscriptions & gift memberships to help them carry out their work & run the campaigns they do. Ultimately, you can rest assured that with many gift memberships, this is one gift that won't be languishing unloved in a wardrobe somewhere. Charity gift memberships will be working hard for as long as the membership lasts, helping people &/or animals somewhere on this planet.