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Looking for a gift subscription for someone who wants depth, expertise and breadth in their reading and lots of culture?  How about giving them a subscription to the Times Literary Supplement, or the TLS for short?

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The TLS covers a range of subjects such as the arts, classics, culture, history, language and linguistics, literature, lives philosophy, politics and society, religion, science and technology and the world.  It has been publishing book reviews and sometimes provocative essays since 1902, and it covers everything from The Tempest to climate change.  

The Times Literary Supplement considers itself to be a the world’s leading journal for literature and ideas;  it believes in the importance of ideas and over the years its contributors have included people such as Virginia Woolf, Henry James, T S Eliot, Thomas Hardy, Ted Hughes, Martin Amis, George Orwell, Doris Lessing and Margaret Atwood.  Today, contributors include Adam Begley, James Cook, Adam Mars-Jones, Krishan Kumar, Margaret Drabble, James Marcus and Henry Hitchings, 

Give a gift subscription to the Times Literary Supplement today!
Give a gift subscription to the Times Literary Supplement today!

There are regular features, such as cartoons, a weekly literary crossword and quiz, a regular online column looking at the ethical issues today, a Poem of the Week, where the TLS revisits original poetry from its Archive, and Letters to the Editor.  

In the week of 19th April 2024, the TLS includes contents such as:

  • An animal is for life:  Earth’s health depends on all creatures great and small by David Barrie (Natural History, Book Review)
  • Blood will have blood: Ambiguity in Shakespeare’s theatre of war by Andrew Hadfield (Literary Criticism, Book Review)
  • What Eddy did next:  A quest for freedom or social climbing?  by Michèle Roberts (Fiction, Book Review)
  • Street fighting women:  The real meaning of Iran’s protest movement  by Neguin Yavari  (Asian Politics, Book Review)
  • Princes to pensioners:  The fate of the maharajahs after independence by Miles Taylor (Twentieth century history and later, Book Review)
  • Early by Michael Foley (Original poems)
  • Surrending ego: Reflecting on the difficulties of single motherhood by Miranda France (In Brief, In Brief Review)
  • The Bible and poetry, Churchill and Brexit, Laundry, etc (Letters to the Editor)
  • A cog in a wheel: Remembering a starry career in television by Andrew Irwin (In Brief, In Brief Review)
  • and LOTS more!

So there are lots to immerse yourself in with articles on Fiction, Arts, Original Poems, Afterthoughts, In Brief (that's articles which get straight to the point), and podcasts, too - you can see what's included in the week of 19th April 2024 here.  So there's a huge amount to immerse yourself in and discover and think about!

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In March 2024, some highlights from the TLS were:

  • Fear of flying: The literary progress of Ray Bradbury
  • Funny business: The serious search for humour in early English history
  • Affirmative action: Rethinking the limits of consent
  • A secret, but not a crime: Why women’s anger and frustration could only find an outlet in their diaries
  • Solitary confinement: Three writers describe the toll taken by loneliness
  • Church and state: Was Spinoza’s Enlightenment so radical after all?
  • Women much missed: Thomas Hardy had a profound sympathy for his female characters, but not his wives 

You can view more TLS Highlights here to get a further idea of some of other content which the TLS has included.

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