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Although this site is about gift memberships, there are times when you want gift ideas for foodie lovers which will just give them the occasional treat to experience.   So here are a few ideas - and a few special offers, too!  Bon appetit!

For coffee lovers, how about a Rise Coffee Gift Box?

For coffee lovers, how about a Rise Coffee Gift Box?   

Recipients receive key facts on the roasters, beans and farmers, and tasting notes and brew tips.  There's also a free treat from Rise's food and drink partners, and the gift comes in a box that's eco friendly, you can recycle it and it's sustainably sourced.  Choose the bean too - e.g. whole bean, ground coarse, fine, ground medium, decaf ground, decaf or whole bean. And choose how many months to give the subscription for, too - and yes, there's a one-off purchase, as well as on-going, three month, six month and 12 months. There are exclusive invitations to 'Meet the Roaster' and 'Cupping Events'  and the fchance to join the test panel!  Visit Rise Coffee to find out more!

This is the Twinings Matcha Starter Kit Gift Box If you've got someone who loves trying new teas, you could give them Twinnings' Matcha Starter Kit Gift Box for £35.00.   It's got everything you need to begin crafting Matcha drinks.  It features a Matcha bowl, bamboo whisk and bamboo spoon - a great way to get your green tea fix for the day!    If someone you know has always wanted to dive into Matcha tea, this could be a great way to start them off.  
 For cheese lovers, there's a Classic Tasting Cheese Box for £22.95.  This one is available from those lovely folk at the gorgeously named Pong Cheese - they have some extremely smelly cheeses, such as the Stinking Bishop - yes honestly, that's it's name.   For cheese lovers, there's a Classic Tasting Cheese Box for £22.95
This is the Montezumas's Chocolate Radical Bar Library (450g)

This could be a great present for someone who loves reading and indulging in a bar of chocolate at the same time.... imagine just losing yourself in a good book (not included in this gift) and letting yourself indulge in some delicious chocolate too!   The Radical Bar Library has five 90g bars of chocolate, all of which are made in the UK by master chocolatiers.  A perfect way to relax at home... all for £17.99 from Natural Collection.  

By the way, this chocolate is palm oil free, much kinder to the rainforest and all the animals there as it doesn't mean the rainforest gets cut down to make way for palm oil plantations...

Well now, for cocktail and gin lovers you could take a look at Micro Bar Box.  

They have a range of great gifts, including Champagne and Prosecco, Gin and Pink Gin, Whisky and Bourbon, Baileys and Tia Maria, Rum, Vodka, Amaretto, plus Mocktail and No Alcohol Gift sets.  They've got lots of cocktail gift sets too and a number of gifts under £20, and you can also buy bottles starting from £9.95 (that's a bottle of Tia Maria).  Head over to Micro Bar Box here.   Cheers!   (There's 15% off on all gift boxes available now, just in time for Easter, with the code EASTER15)


This is the Gin Cocktail Set.  Cheers!
There are lots of gift ideas for grown ups 
including this Gin Cocktail Gift Set.  Cheers!

How about a wine or mead from English Heritage?  

These could be a great gift for history lovers who enjoy a tipple, perhaps whilst they are reading a historic novel to delve into the past!  

The wines include Elderflower, of course, plus a Nettle wine (yes, really), a Strawberry wine, a Ginger wine, a Blackberry and a Cherry.  And the meads include the Traditional (pictured right), as well as Ginger, Heritage, Banquet, Chilli, Stonehenge, and Celtic.  There are miniature gift sets of both wines and meads, too.  Five years ago, English Heritage noted that mead was making a comeback as a tipple - it's been around for 4,000 years, believe it or not, and mead is wine fermented with honey.   It was believed to improve health and prolong life, and there's a theory that mead was given to newlyweds, creating the term "honeymoon". You can find out more about the history of mead here. 

How about a wine or mead from English Heritage?
 Whittards of Chelsea have lots of gifts for lovers of tea, coffee and hot chocolate When it's cold and/or wet outside and you just want to curl up under a blanket to watch a favourite film, it's lovely to be able to enjoy a tea or coffee or hot chocolate as well.  Whittards of Chelsea have lots of gifts for lovers of tea, coffee and hot chocolate including this Coffees of the World gift set, which has 9 of their best loved coffees in for you to try!  With coffees from Indonesia and Brazil, Guatemala, Columbia, India, Sumatra, Ethiopia, and the Dominican Republic to enjoy, this makes a lovely gift for people who adore coffee and who also love to travel.   Bring coffees from around the world into their home!  For £30.00 from Whittards of Chelsea.  

WOOF!!!!   What about the dog in your family?

How about some bedtime treats for your loving canine member of the family?  There's no reason for them to lose out on a bedtime snackette, with Lily's Kitchen's bedtime biscuits.   Traditionally oven baked, made with the finest organic ingredients - nothing less - they've got honey for the immune system (your dog's, not yours) and yoghurt to give their gut good bacteria.   The biscuits have also got chamomile which is known for its calming properties (my other half has chamomile tea every night to help him sleep) to soothe your dog before bedtime.  For £3.50 from Lily's Kitchen.  Woof, woof!  Wag that tail (sleepily...)!

(And yes, for all your felines out there - they've got treats for you, too.... pounce to find out more here.)

How about some bedtime treats for your loving canine member of the family?