Butterflies - you can help them with a gift membership

Join in the Big Butterfly Count from 12th July to 4th August 2024 - it's free to do and you can help Butterfly Conservation help butterflies!  Find out more here

Give a Gift Membership to Butterfly Conservation

If you're looking for a gift membership for a nature lover or animal lover, how about giving a Gift Membership to Butterfly Conservation?   As always, memberships provide vital funding to charities such as Butterfly Conservation, enabling them to continue with efforts such as those outlined above.

Butterfly Conservation are working hard to help beautiful butterflies survive and thrive.  They've got over 30 nature reserves in the UK, all havens for moths and butterflies.  Their Saving Butterflies and Moths' strategy, which you can see here,  has three stratetic goals, namely (and I quote) to:

  1. Halve the number of the UK’s threatened species of butterflies and moths 
  2. Improve the condition of 100 of the most important landscapes for butterflies and moths 
  3. Transform 100,000 wild spaces in the UK for people, butterflies and moths

How will they deliver these goals?  Well, through a programme of Initiatives, inspiring people to get involved - as many as possible.   They are looking to recover butterflies and moths, to connect people to nature and unite for wildlife.  They are also working to tackle threats to species and manage land sustainably. 

A gift membership will help in several ways, saving endangered species from extinction andhelping to restore natural habitats, creating safe havens for moths and butterflies.  It also gives members a chance to help campaign  and help support wider environment issues.  Let's help create a world rich in butterflies!  They are important pollinators. 

Give a membership to Butterfly Conservation and help butterflies with your gift.

So what do members get?

  • A welcome pack with membership card and car sticker.
  • Essential advice on gardening for butterflies and moths.
  • Colourful leaflets to help you identify butterflies, moths and caterpillars.
  • Butterfly magazine three times a year, packed with fascinating features and stunning photos.
  • Monthly e-newsletter with the latest news, info and offers.
  • Membership of your local branch, with regular newsletters, invitations to conservation action days and social events. (The majority of branch communication is sent via email).

Join online or call Butterfly Conservation on 01929 406015. 

The gift welcome pack contains lots of colourful and fascinating information, including the latest copy of 'Butterfly' magazine. Gifts also include membership of the local Branch with regional newsletters and invitations to walks, talks and other events, plus opportunities to get involved and learn more about butterflies, moths and their habitats.

Gift membership can be delivered to you to give in person, or delivered direct to the recipient with your own special message printed on a butterfly card. And you can choose when you want the membership to start.

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