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  1. There's a great news from English Heritage, the charity which looks after many of England's historic places.

    Give a Gift Membership to English Heritage
    Give a Gift Membership to English Heritage
    Use the code EH2020 before 31 July 2020 and enjoy 15% off
    gift and annual memberships!

    Not only are many of their properties opening up on 4th July, but they hope that virtually all of them will be open in August.  You will need to book in advance and you can find more information about visiting here, including a list of sites which are open already, those opening on 4th July and those opening in August.  That should help with plans to visit.  

    Family, Joint, Individual and Life Memberships are available.

    What's more, use the code EH2020 and you can enjoy 15% off Gift and Annual Memberships!  This code is valid until 31 July 2020. 

    Give a Gift or Annual Membership to English Heritage

    Remember, you must book in advance, but it's great that these places are opening up again.   

    Member benefits include:

    • Unlimited access to over 400 historic places in England (check these are opening and book in advance at the moment because of the coronavirus)
    • Free entry for up to six children per adult member, children must be under 18 and within the family group
    • Free or reduced entry to hundreds of events
    • Free parking where the car park is on a site owned by English Heritage
    • Membership pack including a free Members' Handbook, Exclusive Members' magazine, and Members' rewards

    This is a wonderful chance to give the history lover in your life the opportunity to immerse themselves in the past.  

    Join today!


  2. The National Trust for Scotland cares for some amazing places in Scotland and some wonderful wildlife, too.

    They look after the habitats of over a million seabirds, and birds nesting in the woodlands and hills.  

    And this week, they've launched a series of Spotter Guides - and the first one focuses on wildlife, most specifically, birds.  

    As well as enjoying their Spotter Guides, you can share places and sights with the National Trust for Scotland on social using #ForTheLoveOfScotland

    Take a look at the Spotter Guide on wildlife from the National Trust for Scotland 

     Fly away to the Spotter Guide from the National Trust for Scotland

    There's also one for families


  3. Give a membership to Chester Zoo

    Give a gift to the animal lover in your life,
    as well as to the animals at Chester Zoo and worldwide

    Like many zoos in the United Kingdom and indeed worldwide, Chester Zoo has been hit very hard by the coronavirus.  Visitor numbers played an essential role in supproting the zoo and also its conservation projects around the world.

    If you know of someone who loves Chester Zoo, and/or who enjoyed the programme The Secret Life of the Zoo, you could give a membership to the zoo

    You could also consider adopting an animal - there's a Bronze, Silver and Gold levels to choose from plus a huge range of animals. 

    We need your help and support!

    We need your help and support!   

    Or you could make a donation on behalf of your loved ones.

    The coronavirus has put a stop to a crucial source of income for the zoo.   Even though it has opened up, it won't have the numbers coming through to make up for lost income.   The animals need feeding and veterinary care.   Conservation projects need support.

    Please visit Chester Zoo's website and look what you can do to give your support.  Taking out a membership or giving a membership is one way. 

    Donating through the zoo's Just Giving page is another. 

    Images copyright to Chester Zoo from their Just Giving page