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  1. If you're looking for a fun gift for a royalist who adores William and Kate or the crown in geenral, take a look at Emma Bridgewater.

    They have a new mug to commemorate William and Kate's 10th anniversary - where did the years go?? 

    Events William & Kate 10Th Anniversary 1/2 Pint Mug

    These mugs aren't about membership - but these mugs can be used to drink from or to decorate a room and brighten it up, or both!  

    Here's The Crown Jewels

    The Crown Jewels 1/2 Pint Mug

    Emma Bridgewater makes fantastic pottery in Stoke-on-Trent, in Staffordshire.  

    They are all half pint mugs, and available for £19.95 from Emma Bridgewater's website.   

  2. For someone who is stuck at home in lockdown and who enjoys being creative, why not give them a Three Month Brush Party Painting Club Subscription?

    Activate your voucher, and you'll enjoy unlimited access to a growing collection of recordings from live step-by-step online painting tutorials!  Whether you're a beginner or you have more expereince, you can stay at home and get creative!

     Get creative with a 3 month Brush Party Painting Club Subscription
    Get creative with a 3 month Brush Party Painting Club Subscription

    You'll receive a painting kit worth £15 to get you started. 

    New paintings are added each week, and a live Zoom class every month, so this is a great way to learn new art tricks and have some fun!

    Have fun being creative at home!

    You can connect with like-minded painters on the Brush Party Club Facebook page, too.

    Once you've bought your voucher, Virgin Experience Days will send you an e-voucher with the details you need to contact the supplier directly to receive your order.

    What's Included?

    After activating your voucher:

    • Three month subscription to Brush Party Painting Club
    • Receive a complimentary painting kit worth £15
    • Unlimited access to a library of pre-recorded painting tutorials
    • New paintings added every week
    • A live Zoom class monthly
    • Access to a Brush Party Club Facebook Page
    • Experience Gift Voucher with personalised gift message

    All for £58.00!

    Head off to Virgin Experience Days to find out more

    Find out more from Virgin Experience Days here


  3. Although many of us aren't able to get out and about right now. there are still lots of lovely gifts you can send to help support conservation, as well as memberships.

    The National Trust for Scotland (a charity)  protects and shares some of the most precious historic places and natural landscapes on behalf of the people of Scotland.  It cares for ancient houses, battlefields, castles, mills, gardens, coastlines, islands, mountain ranges and all the communities, plants and animals which depend upon them.

    You can buy a membership, or you could also buy your loved one something from the National Trust for Scotland's online shop .  It has some wonderful gift ideas in it - and many are currently on offer, some with up to 70% off!

    They are pretty unusual too gifts too, such as Highland Cow purses (different colours are available), pouch bags and mouse shaped purses - and then they also have items such as tweed gloves, bamboo socks for men and women (3 for 2 there), keyrings, beautiful scarves (silk or cashmere) plus some offers on gin and whisky :-) 

    The Highland Cow purses are fun gifts!

    The Highland Cow purses were £10.00, and are now £8.00

    There are a range of scarves such as this Royal Mile Tartan Cashmere Scarf

    There are a range of scarves such as this Royal Mile Tartan Cashmere Scarf 
    normally £70.00, now £40.00 (with lots of other colours to choose from).

    This is a Hot Pink Cashmere Stole

    and this beautiful pink cashmere stole,
    normally £379.00, now £189.00.  

    There are bamboo socks for men and women

    There are bamboo socks for men and women 
    featuring animals such as a stag or a Highland Cow

    and lots of other goodies!

    So head off to the National Trust for Scotland here and treat your loved one to something special this Valentine's Day!  Or just treat them because... or treat yourself!


  4. The 2nd February is World Wetlands Day, and in the UK, the main charity helping to protect our wetlands is the WWT. 

    If you’re looking for a membership for a nature lover, what about giving them a gift membership to the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (the WWT)?

    It’s a win-win, as you’re giving a meaningful gift which will make a difference, you know your money won’t be wasted and your loved one can enjoy the gift for as many months as the membership lasts.

    You can help nature with your gift! 

    The WWT says that nearly all life depends on wetlands for water, food or somewhere to live.  They include estuaries, deltas, mudflats, floodplains, peatlands, marsh and the bog and pond at the end of your garden.  But a third of them have been destroyed.

    How the WWT want the world’s wetlands to look by 2040:

    1. The UK’s wetlands and their wildlife are thriving and increasing with blue and wildlife-rich corridors across towns and countryside, with threatened wetland species’ populations flourishing
    2. Everyone on the UK can access wetlands that provide amazing experiences and inspire them to support conservation
    3. Wetlands in the UK are recognised as part of our natural infrastructure, providing space for wildlife and people and vital services to us all such as reducing flooding, drought and cleaning our water.
    4. Decision makers globally understand the threats to wetland nature and are taking ambitious action to remove those threats. Strong international agreements support better wetland management across the world.
    5. Wetlands are managed in a way that benefits wetland nature and enhances people’s lives across the world.  People understand how wetlands that are thriving and doing well improve and sustain local livelihoods.
    6. Risks are decreasing for all wetland nature.  No species have gone extinct.

    The WWT wants wetland nature to recover, so that all the species we share our planet with have a future.   It believes that showing people first-hand how amazing wetlands are will set alight their passion to help the charity conserve them. So it welcomes a million visitors every year to its wetland reserves around the UKFind your nearest centre here.


    Give a gift membership to the WWT and help them help wildfowl and wetlands survive and thrive!

    You can find out about its conservation projects here – they strengthen the link between wetlands, wildlife and people in the UK and beyond. 

    3 Ways Memberships help the WWT:

    The WWT says that membership helps them meet these goals and here’s how:

    1. They provide funding for the WWT’s conservation work
    2. They add weight and noise to our campaigning work a
    3. They help spread the word about how wonderful wetlands are for wildlife and people.

    WWT Member benefits:

    • Support conservation
    • A welcome pack
    • Unlimited free entry (centres are currently closed due to the coronavirus except for Steart Marshes but you would still be supporting nature conservation with this gift)
    • Regular copies of the Waterlife magazine

    Please give a gift membership to a nature lover and support the WWT in its work to protect wetlands for all our sakes.  I’ve joined – will you?

    Give a gift membership today or just join yourself and give the gift of your support to WWT