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  1. There's a great news from English Heritage, the charity which looks after many of England's historic places.

    They run a gift membership scheme, and if you use the code EH2021  you can enjoy 15% off  Gift and Annual Memberships!  This code is valid until 31 May  2021. 

    Family, Joint, Individual and Life Memberships are available.

    Give a Gift or Annual Membership to English Heritage

    Member benefits include:

    • Unlimited access to over 400 historic places in England (check these are opening and book in advance at the moment because of the coronavirus)
    • Free or reduced entry to hundreds of events
    • Free parking where the car park is on a site owned by English Heritage
    • FREE members handbook
    • Exclusive members magazine 

    This is a wonderful chance to give the history lover in your life the opportunity to immerse themselves in the past.  

    And as lockdown restrictions lift, the weather improves and the evenings are longer, it's a great time to give an English Heritage Membership. 

    You can enjoy 15% off Gift & Annual Memberships - just use the code "EH2021" at checkout. The code will expire 31 May 2021.

    Join today!

    Information about planning your visit is here


  2. Reconnect with nature

    Immerse yourself into nature with the 56th Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Natural History Museum and foster a personal connection with the natural world around you.

    Each image has been selected by a panel of international experts and showcases some of the best wildlife photography in the world.

    The exhibition takes place from 17 May to 1 August - the Natural History Museum itself opens on 17 May in accordance with government guidelines.  You need to book tickets online as there are timed entry systems in place, even for members, to help control numbers. 

    If you can't get to the Natural History Museum, you can bring the exhibition straight into your home. You can see images online or you could head to the Natural History Museum's online shop and buy a print from the Natural History Museum's online shop and buy a print.

    There are quite a number to choose from, all stunning, and many different animals are represented.  

    There are beautiful prints for wildlife lovers from the Natural History Museum

    For most prints, you can choose canvas, photo paper and fine art paper. There are different sizes to choose from as well. 

    Some scenes feature wildlife and others nature

    Visit the Natural History Museum to find out more about the exhibition here.


  3. Here's a gift membership idea for golfers. still have a special offer on the Open Fairways 12 Month Membership Privilege Card for one person.   The special offer saves you 56% and you can get it for £39 instead of £89.  That's a great saving.

    And what's more - as a visitor from this website, you can enjoy an EXTRA 15% off until 28 December 2021!  Just use the code 15AHW2021* at check-out! 

    Open Fairways 12 Month Membership Privilege Card - Special offer

    So what do members get with the card?

    • A Buyagift voucher for an Open Fairways privilege card membership
    • Up to 50% off green fees at 1000+ golf courses worldwide
    • 185+ courses in Ireland
    • 425+ courses in England
    • 130+ courses in Scotland
    • 50+ courses in Wales
    • 180+ international courses in Spain, Portugal, France and further afield
    • The Open Fairways Links collection boasting 100 of the finest links courses in the UK and Ireland
    • Average saving of £75 per four ball
    • Discounts apply up to 8 golfers playing together
    • Save up to 50% off the rack room rate or 10% off a special offer at over 110 partner hotels in Ireland
    Open Fairways 12 Month Membership Privilege Card - Special offer

    So what else do card holders need to know?  

    • This voucher is valid for 10 months and can be exchanged directly with the supplier for an Open Fairways Privilege Card valid for 1 year for the holder and up to 8 friends
    • The card is valid at participating golf courses only
    • Normal visitors rules will apply at the golf courses
    • A small number of courses will require a handicap. Please check before arriving
    • You must mention your Open Fairways membership at booking to qualify for the green fee savings
    • All offers are subject to availability

    Open Fairways 12 Month Membership Privilege Card - Special offer

    Head off to to find out more and to buy this membership

    *Please note that the code does not apply to these gifts

  4. If you're looking for a gift membership for a wildlife lover, how about giving them a membership to the Orangutan Foundation?  

    What are the threats to orangutans?

    Their habitat is being destroyed by our demand for palm oil, not aided by the expanding bio-fuel market.  Orangutans and most of the biodiversity supported by tropical rainforests cannot co-exist with oil palm plantations.  Illegal logging, forest fires and illegal mining are also destroying the rainforest.   Fires kill and orphand displace many orangutans;  they are caused by the dry debris from logging, the use of fire by palm oil companies and the El Nino effect which has caused longer than usual dry seasons.  

    Help the Orangutan Foundation help orangutans

    © Orangutan Foundation

    Recent estimates suggest that there are less than 54,000 Bornean orangutans (pictured above) left

    Give a Membership to the Orangutan Foundation and help orangutans 

    How is the Orangutan Foundation making a difference to orangutans?

    • Habitat Protection and Re-Forestation 
      If the forests are not safe, neither are the orangutans.  The Foundation supports the training, equipping and deployment of fire-fighting teams in areas of critical orangutan habitat. The use of guard posts and patrols to protect a wildlife reserve and national park have been very effective.  

    • Translocating and releasing orangutans
      Orangutans found isolated in remnant patches of forests or in oil palm plantations need rescuing.  Many are released in the wild.  A veterinary clinic can provide care. 

    • Education and awareness 
      To encourage children to have a greater interest in the natural world and help them to understand the importance of looking after it.

    • Scientific research
      This enables key conservation decisions to be made on important habitats

    • Capacity building and sustainable livelihoods
      It helps to develop the capacity of Indonesians to play a role in the conservation of the orangutan. The work of the charity also encourages sustainable practices and livelihoods that generate an income without destroying the forests. 

    The Orangutan Foundation runs its own programmes in Central Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo.

    Give a Membership to the Orangutan Foundation
    © Orangutan Foundation
    It is estimated that there are 6,600 of the Sumatran species of orangutan left.

    Memberships support this work, and you'll find there are a number of different memberships available, mostly for one year but also for lifetime.   They start at £15 for Juniors, Students and Senior Citizens, and Family memberships and Individual Memberships are also available.  There's lifetime memberships for Corporate and Individuals, too.

    Join today and support the work the Orangutan Foundation is doing.