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Take out a membership, and you’ll be making a valuable contribution to the important work Chester Zoo does.  Its charity fund, Act for Wildlife, is a community of experts and enthusiasts, all taking action to protect the natural world. So part of your contribution as a member goes towards the zoo’s mission to prevent extinction.   The zoo is fighting to protect species both at the zoo and in the field.  Donors and members enable this to happen.  The zoo needs all our support. 

There are over 31,000 animals at Chester Zoo, and 128 acres of zoological gardens to explore.  There's a huge team of people involved - conservationists, scientists, educators, vet experts, animal behaviourists and wildlife managers and more, all fighting against wildlife extinction.   Find out how it's doing this here

We are a major wildlife charity and we are making a vital contribution to tackling the global extinction crisis at a time when it’s needed most! Our zoo is vital to the future of wildlife on this planet.

And - there's a very special news from Chester Zoo!  Eleven Humboldt penguin chicks have hatched at the zoo - this is the most to hatch in one season at Chester Zoo for over 10 years!  Plus, a  critically endangered eastern black rhino calf arrived into the world, and more specifically, at Chester Zoo, and keepers were able to film the birth!

Snow leopards are coming to Chester Zoo!

Chester Zoo's new snow leopard habitat opened on the 25th March

Chester Zoo is very busy with its conservation efforts:  They are bringing nature back to Cheshire with a new Networks for Nature project - you can find out about that here.  In the spring of 2024, snow leopards arrived at Chester Zoo, making a new Himalayan area at the zoo their home and enabling it to join a global conservation breeding programme for snow leopards.  The species is listed as vulnerable, and estimates are there are fewer than 3,500 left in the wild.   Chester Zoo have a huge project to reintroduce a number of Scottish wildcats to the wild.  Find out more  And there's a nature reserve, officially established back in 2013, which is now home to UK wildlife such as  kingfishers, hedgehogs and harvest mice, and even otters!

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So what's happening at Chester Zoo?

Book your tickets for Lanterns and Lights, returning on the 15th November 2024 until the 1st January 2025!  Go on an illuminated trail of spectacular scenes and breathtaking displays that will leave you full of festivity!  Book your tickets here.

Plus there's lots of exciting news of changes at the zoo, such as the opening of a new snow leopard habitat which is due to open in 2024.  Find out more here

Did you know...

That Chester Zoo now has its own stall at Chester Market!  You can visit them there to get your favourite zoo goodies, and members get 10% off, although restrictions apply.  Find out more here.


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