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Chester Zoo has had to close again because of the coronavirus.  (Yes, this is the zoo you see on The Secret Life of the Zoo.)   

And yet the animals there still need to be cared for.   Amongst them are this very rare baby rhino born at the zoo!  The zoo's CCTV's cameras caught the birth and shows the baby up on her feet and suckling from mum just 10 minutes later!!  This is a very special arrival because there are fewer than 1,000 eastern black rhinos left on the planet.

This is just one example of the incredible work Chester Zoo is doing for conservation, and you can help by joining the wonderful Chester Zoo family and becoming a member!


Please donate if you can to help care for the animals at Chester Zoo. 

They have a Just Giving Page you can donate to

Members make a big difference

Take out a membership, and you’ll be making a valuable contribution to the important work Chester Zoo does.  Its charity fund, Act for Wildlife, is a community of experts and enthusiasts, all taking action to protect the natural world. So part of your contribution as a member goes towards the zoo’s mission to prevent extinction.   The zoo is fighting to protect species both at the zoo and in the field.  Donors and members enable this to happen.  The zoo needs all our support.

Member benefits

Members receive a subscription to the quarterly members magazine, ‘Z’ Mag by post or email.  It gives you updates on your favourite animals and on the day to day running of the Zoo.  It also has details of members’ events and there are behind the scenes interviews with the team and updates on conservation projects around the world and at the zoo.  Members are invited to have a say in the future in the zoo, too!

Members receive unlimited  free entry for 12 months (which applies during normal opening hours – they are only closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, and they open at 10am daily), although all members must pre-book online in advance of visiting until further notice (this is due to Covid-19).

Members talks where you’ll find out how your membership help fund vital conservation work.
Adult members receive a car sticker (a great way to help promote the zoo) and junior members love the animal stickers!

Members’ discount in the zoo shops* and cafes which only use sustainable palm oil - *some items are excluded from members’ discounts e.g. books, DVDs, promotional offers

There are additional benefits for discounts and exclusive visits to children’s activities and talks. Memberships for children are at a significantly reduced rate than adults.

There’s a list of FAQs here, which has information about buying a gift membership and how to go about it and what the zoo will need

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