Gift Cheese Subscriptions


There’s a great gift subscription for cheese lovers at Pong Cheese (you’ve got to love the name Pong Cheese, for a start!).   And some of their cheeses have great names, such as the Stinking Bishop, Pong's Extraordinary Cheddar and the Welsh Cheese Selection Box.  There's the Ultimate Pong Box with their strongest, smelliest and ooziest of their cheeses, too.

There are cheese from France, Italy, Switzerland and Spain, and soft cheese, hard cheese, Blue cheese, goat's cheese, Alpine cheese, Organic cheese, smoked cheese - they've even got chutneys and condiments and biscuits for cheese, too!  And they've got books on cheese as well. 


Give a Pong Gift Subscription
Give a gift subscription to Pong Cheese!

On to their Cheese Gift Subscription...

Give a gift subscription, and you can send a loved one regular deliveries of wonderful cheeses straight to their door.

You can choose a subscription for 3, 6 or 12 months and then the cheese lover in your life can receive cheese from the UK and worldwide.  They will typically receive 4 cheeses of about 50g to 200g each.  You can have 3 boxes over 3 months or over 6 months, 6 boxes over 6 months or 12 months, or 12 boxes over 12 months. 

There are lots of delicious cheeses available through Pong Cheese!There are lots of delicious cheeses available through Pong Cheese!
And there's a Cheese Club!

Gift subscription boxes are delivered on the Thursday after your first order and then the Thursday after the same date in each following month.  All from £24 a month!

This is The Classic Tasting Box for £22.95~
This is The Classic Tasting Box for £22.95.
It's the perfect introduction to artisan cheeses from the UK and France,
with an assortment of individual and seasonal favourites.  
Find out more here.

This is the Continental Cheese Hamper
This is the Continental Cheese Hamper for £94.00 
with a selection of the finest artisan cheeses from France and Italy
with biscuits, chutneys and Pong tasting notes.

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