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  1. Here's a great special offer from those lovely people at - they've got lots of exclusive ticket deals on their website :-)  

    Portsmouth Historic Dockyard - 30% off tickets + free annual pass 

    Portsmouth Historic Dockyard - 30% off tickets + free annual pass

    Sail away to here to find out more about this offer

    Go back in time at the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

    We had several trips to the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard 
    and were absolutely fascinated by it.

    We'd highly recommend it! 


  2. I know lots of people visiting this website are looking for gift ideas for history lovers, so here are a few ideas from English Heritage.  They are all things you can do - activities - or just enjoy.  

    Jigsaw puzzles from English Heritage

    Jigsaws and puzzles

    There are a number to choose from, featuring famous places owned and run by English Heritage.  This one is Clifford Castle but you've got others such as Stonehenge (of course), Battle Abbey, Framlingham Castle, Hadrians Wall, Lindisfarne, Osborne House, Kenilworth Castle, Tintagel, Cliffords Tower and more.  There are also some King & Queens puzzles, plus some featuring famous people through the ages.  

    Check out the jigsaws and puzzles here

     English Heritage Monopoly games

    Monopoly Games

    There are a couple of Monopoly Games, both made exclusively for English Heritage.

    There's the Castle version - acquire castles instead of hotels.  Try to avoid paying tithes or having to repair your battlements after a siege!  

    The Monopoly game takes you on a chronological journey through the ages, from Prehistory to the Modern Age.  

    Click here to see the games available from English Heritage

     How about a Top Trumps History Quiz?

    How about a Top Trumps History Quiz?

    There's a Top Trumps History Quiz which ends with a twist - a great way to test your knowledge of history and discover more too!

    There are other Top Trumps too - Places, Legends of London, memory games - and also games such as backgammon, chequers, cribbage, playing cards with historical themes and more!

    Visit the Games section

     There are games for the garden and those sunny days too!

    There are games for the garden and those sunny days too!

    Boules, deck quoits, skittles, a microscope - even a bow and arrow!

    Check out the garden games

     Check out their gorgeous soft toys

    Check out their gorgeous soft toys

    There's a wonderful range, from the Cuddly Knight pictured left, to Brother Ted (a monk), a Pilot Monk, Cuddly King, Cuddly Queen, plus a WW1 Trench Bear and some brilliant dragons.  There are also some delightful cuddly animals, too, from a lemur to a blackbird, sheep and a rabbit.  They'd draw and please the eye in any room!

    Hop off here to see the soft toys


  3. So did you see Big Cats About the House on BBC2 on Thursday night? 

    The series is running three programmes featuring big cat expert Giles Clark.   He is aiming to turn the Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent into a global centre of big cat expertise.

    Last night we saw the utterly adorable black jaguar cub Maya (who you can adopt for £75) whom Giles is hand-rearing around the clock after she's been neglected by her mother.  

    There are 50 big cats at the sanctuary, and as well as giving us an insight into the animals there, it focuses on big cat conservation and the issues affecting these majestic animals in the wild.

    Help big cat conservation with a membership to the Big Cat Sanctuary
    ©Big Cat Sanctuary

    The great news is that you can give a gift membership to the Big Cat Sanctuary and help big cat conservation, welfare and breeding.   Members receive a quarterly newsletter, an exclusive pin badge and priority booking for events.

    But surely the most important thing you receive is the knowledge you're helping big cats and making a difference towards their conservation.

    Visit the Big Cat Sanctuary's website here